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  • Master Your Mind Video Upgrade
    Master Your Mind Video Upgrade | Video

    Topics covered:3 Strategies to Get the Monkey Mind Under Control3 Ways to Train Your Brain for Limitless Abundance4 Techniques to Remove Limiting Beliefs for Personal Success5 Creative Strategies to Expand Your Mental Awareness5 Habits That Will Help You to Master Your Mind7 Traits of Personal Mastery Demonstrated by Business LeadersHow to Use Both the Law of Attraction and Shadow Work for Personal MasteryThe 3 Best Ways to Investigate the Subconscious MindThe 3 Differences Between Emotional intelligence and Mental StrengthThe 5 Things You Never Knew About Your Own Psychology


  • The Easy Way To Write Your First Ebook
    The Easy Way To Write Your First Ebook | E-books

    Many people who have never sat down to write an actual article think that writing as a craft is simple. You just start with one word, and you follow that with another. It's also usually all in your native language. How hard can that be, right?Well, once they start to write, they may find that they don't have a clue about where to start. If they've never written an ebook, they may not understand how to properly organize their thoughts so that enough information is conveyed in an easy and highly digestible form for the reader.In fact, once they sit down to look at a blank sheet of paper, they may actually freeze because they have no set plan in place. That's why it's important to sketch out an outline before you start. Let's first take a look at how long an average ebook might be and how to set up chapters to fill the pages.


  • Get Paid To Write A Book
    Get Paid To Write A Book | E-books

    You can get paid to write a book. It's easily possible to make a fast $10,000, or even a six-figure amount. You could even make seven figures over a million dollars for twenty pages of text. It sounds incredible, but a fast seven figures are certainly possible if you have a HOT, hot idea or have had an experience that hundreds of thousands of people want to read about.In his evergreen book about writing nonfiction, Damn! Why Didn't I Write That? Author Marc McCutcheon says that it's not hard to make a good income: "you can learn the trade and begin making a respectableincome much faster than most people thinks possible."The good part is that you don't need to write your book before you get some money. You write a proposal, and a publisher will give you an advance, which you can live on while you write the book.


  • How To Write a Cookbook
    How To Write a Cookbook | E-books

    Do you have a cookbook in you? If you’re like me and you love to cook and people are always telling you how good your food is, you may just have what it takes to write your own cookbook.


  • Get Paid To Write An ebook
    Get Paid To Write An ebook | E-books

    Would you like to GET PAID to write a book? If you're thinking this is plain fantasy, think again. All professional writers get paid to write their books. How? They sell their books via proposals before they write the books.


  • So You Want To Write An Ebook
    So You Want To Write An Ebook | E-books

    It's not true that everything that has been said has already been written. Since that unfortunate axiom came into use, the whole universe has changed. Technology has changed, ideas have changed, and the mindsets of entire nations have changed.


  • Ghost Writer Hiring Essentials
    Ghost Writer Hiring Essentials | E-books

    Many people want to write a book but don't know how to write effectively or how to get started, but you can become an author today. Learn How You Can Write That Book You've Always Dreamed About and Become an Author by Hiring an Effective Ghostwriter for a Reasonable Cost You Can Afford.Our eBook "Hire a Ghostwriter Handbook" will show you how to, at last, achieve your dreams of becoming a prestigious author. It is believed that up to 40% of books are at least partially ghostwritten today. A ghostwriter is a skilled writer who takes your ideas, notes, and/or rough draft to centralize and structure your thoughts so they can compose a highly readable book.They are often college students, housewives, or somebody else highly skilled in composition who just wants to make a little extra money and can be hired for minimal cost. The end result is a highly professional and well-written fiction or nonfiction book that people will enjoy reading.Upon completion of the book by the ghostwriter, you own all rights as a work for hire and you get the credit as the author. The "Hire a Ghostwriter Handbook" Provides Crucial Information


  • Becoming a Fast Writer
    Becoming a Fast Writer | E-books

    No matter what type of business you’re in online, you probably have to do at least some writing. Whether you’re a blogger, a website builder, an indie book publisher, a freelance writer, or even an online shop owner, chances are you need to write the content of some sort.


  • Writing Your Own Book
    Writing Your Own Book | E-books

    Are you a writer who has tried and tried and tried again to get your book published? If you have and if you have only been met with rejection letter after rejection letter, your first impulse may be to give up.The decision to do so is yours to make, but if you do believe that you have a good book on your hands, you may want to consider transforming your book into an eBook instead.


  • Getting Your Book Published
    Getting Your Book Published | E-books

    The publishing industry remained virtually unchanged for decades in terms of how books are published. The writer would write a fiction or nonfiction book, hire an agent, select a publisher, and eventually, a book would be printed. Of course, printing and marketing a book are two entirely different things. The point is that once the printing process was developed, books were destined to be printed for hundreds of years on paper.


  • Ebook Creation For Illiterate
    Ebook Creation For Illiterate | E-books

    I would not have believed it if I hadn't done it for myself. You can actually write an ebook without actually doing the writing. Because of an interesting legal twist, you can hire a writer, and then when the writer is finished, you own the complete copyright to the work. If it sounds too good to be true, it almost is!But there's something else that's almost too good to be true: having an ebook written doesn't cost near what it costs to have a hardcover book written. It's actually pretty affordable for someone who plans to recoup their money with ebook sales.


  • Ebook Publishing Profits
    Ebook Publishing Profits | E-books

    Have you ever tried writing your own profit pulling ebook, but don't know where to start? That's ok, because of the vast amount of material out there, it's easy to get confused. However, I'm here to pull out all of the stops and encourage you to get rid of your writer's block because I'm here to show you how to use the power of your words to bring in profits for years to come.